Are you the same Glorious Twelfth I’ve been following on Blogger?

Yes! I am in fact the very same maker, mom, and general enthusiast–and excited as ever to create together. During my hiatus, though, I’ve had some time to consider what worked about the old format and what didn’t. Written tutorials have their strengths, but can also be confusing and, after a certain point, repetitive. Moreover, if a picture is worth a thousand words…then a video is worth a million! This time around, I’ll be teaching you through YouTube.

The good news and the bad news are the same news: I’m in the middle of an international move, so my channel is languishing in development. With so much time for planning, though, my videos will be fabulous! I plan on covering everything from basic techniques to studio organization to step by step builds. This is really exciting for me, so I hope it is for you also. Expect Glorious Twelfth YouTube this spring, and follow this site (there’s even a handy a button at the bottom of this page) for updates!

In the meantime, you can build along with me on both Instagram (where I’m both @glorious_twelfth and @glorious_cornelia) and Facebook! Social media is where I’m moving the more traditional step by step format, while here is where you’ll find both simplified written instructions and supply lists for each phase of each project. My hope is that as time goes on, separating things out like this will make it much easier to find what you need.

Is your work for sale?

Not currently, no. However, that might change! And, in the meantime, there might also be an opportunity or two to win a piece of my work…or even an entire dollhouse. I’m currently planning a series of giveaways and at least one raffle for charity. I’ll have more to share with you about these projects (and more) over the coming months, so please stay tuned!

Are you sponsored by anyone?

No. In all the years I’ve been modeling, I’ve never received a sponsorship. I’ve never received so much as a free bottle of paint! If someone were to send me something, and ask me to review it, then I would. However, I would also let you know the circumstances. We’re in a partnership, here, as fellow enthusiasts and success in any partnership comes from complete honesty. My opinions are, and always will be, my own! The products I recommend to you, are the very same products I use myself as I honestly believe they’re the best available.

How can I contact you, and what languages do you speak?

I hope you do contact me! I’ll be happy to hear from you, especially if you have an idea for a tutorial. The best means is through DM on either Instagram or Facebook. I respond to everyone, so long as they’re not being rude, but for best results please note that I speak English, Deutsch, and Français. For every other language, we’ll be communicating through Google Translate.

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