Dark End

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My son was the first person connected to me to ask for a piece of my art. A bathtub I made a year or so ago has pride of place on his surfboard shelf. I’m an extremely lucky person, to have such a supportive cheerleader. And I project that same enthusiasm right back at him. Which was how, he told me, he came to the idea of creating something together as a team. We’ve done battle axes and batteries, but never a dollhouse. Moreover, as he went on to point out, shouldn’t our family have one? I’d made them for, and sold them to, other families. So yes, for the next twelve months or so, starting later on this spring, I’ll be putting paying commissions to the side because, really, for what else do we live?

Let me tell you about my son, though. As a client, he’s perfect in that he knows exactly what he wants (vital!) but is also willing to listen if and when I explain to him that certain design elements would prove functionally impossible. You have no idea, no idea how easy it is to come up with a dollhouse the size of a room. Or maybe you do. My son, who is of course also perfect in every other way, wants a house like the one he imagines when he’s playing, with everything from a graveyard to a dungeon to Frankenstein’s lab. I’m already tinkering around with possible mechanisms for trap doors and revolving bookcases revealing hidden rooms. We’ll be purchasing a table specifically for it, before we start the build. Apart from adding an addition, we’ll be adding a basement. Remember the Beacon Hill I started, on the old blog, and never got to finish? I have access to so much more technology now! I swear, though, I’d never coach Pubert*–or anyone–in this, or any direction! He came up with the idea on his own, as the kit reminded him of Disney Paris’ Haunted Mansion. He insisted, though, even when I told him we’d have to make a few global changes, that the windows be gothic and that the entire house exude an evil castle-type vibe.

Thrillingly, this is not only a huge house, but also one that’ll need significant customization in terms of realizing my client’s vision! I’ll be firing up those printers at Shapeways for everything from front door surrounds to bay windows to, yes, linenfold panels. Good times! I’ve been sketching out different dormer designs off and on for the past three days! Designing the windows, then printing them…it’s not cheap and it’s slow. So I’m starting that now, switching back and forth when I get tired of Chrysnbon. Speaking of which, it’s finally warm and dry enough to spray paint! This means I can seal both the shell and the exterior of Heartwood Farm, the “ode to Chrysnbon” house. Sometimes sitting in front of the computer with a cup of coffee is nice and sometimes sitting at one’s workbench with a cup of coffee is nice. Either way, overlapping projects like this is a great way to banish boring down time!

Names have been changed to protect the innocent *

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