Chrysnbon: The Rematch (And An Update)

A number of you, my current readers, first found me through my old blog and, specifically, my posts on Chrysnbon. For you, and before I move on to the Next Big Thing, I’ll be spending this spring doing a project. Yes, a Chrysnbon-related project. I’ll be using it to furnish a house (and, yes, I’ll be sharing tutorials). I’ll also, just so everyone who wants to can follow along, be using a dollhouse kit (this one) and…not kitbashing it. In fact, this entire project will be one you won’t need power tools for–just patience.

The Next Big Thing involves my X-Carve Pro, which I’ve preordered but which won’t arrive until somewhere around mid-July. There are more blueprints on my computer right now than any reasonable person could shake a stick at. I’ll be tweaking those between now and then, as well as working on designing the components themselves that I plan on using in my own work. There’s nothing wrong with what’s on the market, currently, but as someone who’s been at this for a few decades now I’m suffering from a bit of “been there, done that.” I’m ready for something new, from fireplaces to floor paneling, as I’m sure so are you.

What I can’t do with the X-Carve Pro, I’ll be, well, carving. I’m in the stage, right now, where I’m testing out different approaches (and materials). There’ll be pictures, soon! As soon, that is, as there’s something actually finished. In the meantime, I both a) want to try out a few different painting type techniques, and b) miss the relative non-challenge of a straightforward project. That’s where this pile of Chrysnbon comes in. That, and it’s taking up quite a bit of room in my already large shop! I’ve been collecting this stuff for years, long before anything like the X-Carve existed. It was what first drew me into dollhouse-related making, and it deserves a proper tribute.

Some of you know, too, that a major goal of mine is to not only use these components in my own work, but also sell them, to you, for use in yours. This project, in an of itself, will be an enormous undertaking and one that’ll benefit tremendously from feedback! So, over the next few months, as those of us in the northern hemisphere welcome spring and we all tackle some Chrysnbon, I’ll also be sharing prototypes both here and on Instagram in the hopes of developing a product line that meets as many needs (and goals) as possible.

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