Building with Glorious Twelfth

So, how does this work?

I supply: the designs, cutting files, and instruction.

You supply: the MDF, wood, and paint (along with other finishing materials),

I’ve set things up as simply as I can. First, go to the downloads page and download a ZIP full of SVG files. Those are your design files; they include both cutting and scribing templates and are optimized for the Glowforge Pro (but will work with virtually any system). Then, follow along with my tutorials–or don’t!–as we bring Blackthorn Manor’s greatroom alive together.

I’ll be sharing my techniques, of course, as well as my supply lists, for optimal excitement! Which, again, you’re free to ignore! If you want your roombox to be an exact replica of mine, then great! If you plan on using maybe one or two files for your Lovecraftian palace under the sea, then also great! This is YOUR project; I’m just here to help.

Now, I suppose this news might leave you wondering…why? I could charge for the time spent slaving over a tablet, of course, and I did in fact briefly consider offering these packets in exchange for some relatively minimal sum. Ultimately, though, I decided that there are already enough bars to entry in this hobby. Supplies are expensive; I can drop bank at Mega Hobby without even batting an eye. Sure, those tiny pots might last a long time, but they are tiny and almost 35 USD is a lot to spend for paint. Moreover, too many miniaturists treat each new discovery they make like a state secret.

We can’t all hide in our studios, jealously guarding our skills. All that leads to is each of us, on our own, continually reinventing the wheel. To grow, both as individual artisans and as a community, we need to build on our skills and we can’t do that if we don’t teach each other. Years ago, when I was overseas, I spent some time in Florence and what struck me was the commitment, there, during the Italian Renaissance, to education. Michelangelo studied under the masters of his day, eventually surpassing them, at which point he in turn shared what he knew. Who do we think we are, to do any different?

Eventually I’ll die, we all will, and I have to ask myself what I want my legacy to be. I don’t want it to be a small but dedicated group of fans asking, how’d she do that? Success, to me, would be someone saying, I felt, and feel, inspired to create more.

What makes you great, as an artist, isn’t amassing some hoard of supposedly classified information. You need to have more faith in yourself. The Zorn palette isn’t named that, because Anders Zorn was the first person to think of combining yellow ochre, ivory black, vermillion, and titanium white. Academic knowledge is great, and, I believe, necessary! But it’s only a starting point. Otherwise, everyone who attended art school would graduate having become Rembrandt. How you apply these techniques, how you, over time, make them your own is what’s going to create your legacy.

I decided against a traditional kit format because, like I’ve said before, they’re limiting. Moreover, I’d have no choice but to charge a fairly significant sum just due to the labor intensiveness of creating each component. My Glowforge Pro is hard at work out in my shop, as I type this; luckily it doesn’t need any babysitting, as scribing the guidelines for the ceiling will take another ten hours. The cost of the materials, for you, truly is enough!

In the next post, I’ll talk more about what to do with this packet once you’ve downloaded it. This morning, though, I want to finish up with a few final thoughts on the general program we’re pursing. In exchange for all this, I am asking one thing: that you credit me (i.e. by tagging me on Instagram, etc) in your finished work. For those hobbyist friendos, no more is required! If, however, you’re hoping to use my designs in salable work, such as in one of your own kits that you plan on producing yourself, please contact me first to work out a licensing agreement. Even though I’m giving it away, literally, this is all still my intellectual property.

Lastly, please do consider sharing this post! I’ve only recently returned to being an active member of the mini community, and not everyone has had a chance to find me at my new home. Which, by the way, is the ONLY place (along with @glorious_twelfth on Instagram) to find current Glorious Twelfth content. Beware of imitations!

And, on that note, see you on the flip side.

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